Friday, May 23, 2014

Salesforce - Common footer and sender email address for all emails from one department

if you are in situation where you are sending email out from salesforce and you want to use same  sender email address and footer.Lets say you are from customer service department and you department tag line is Best in service:) and you want to send email always from one email id for customer service department.

Follow below steps-

Common email footer(Organization wide email footer):-
1)login to salesforce
2)click on setup, in Admistration setup section click on Email footers then click on new on email footer screen.
3) enter all the details and click on same.

Common Email address :- 

1)click on setup
2) click on setup, in Admistration setup click on organization-wide address and then click on Add
3)fill the details and select the profile like customer service profile or depends on you situation and click on save


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